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Hello, and welcome to my webpage. I hope you find this page exciting and interesting. I firmly believe in freedom of expression so if anything on this page offends you, that's your problem. You've been given fair warning and you had your chance to leave!

With that said, I'll get off my soapbox now to tell you a little about myself... I am an exciting, vibrant and very busy woman of size. I have an RTF degree from the University of Texas and I work at various part-time jobs to pay the bills. (I still reside in Austin, TX and I just can't seem to get out to the coast -- any coast!) My speciality is editing and I am very interested in learning how to cut negative.

I like the idea of communicating with the world on the 'net because I firmly believe that we are all of the human race first and foremost. I want to use this page as focus for my diverse interests and beliefs. I have added a separate, new Favorite Links page to guide you to my other pages and to places on the 'net where I like to hang or that I find cool.

Come, join me on an adventure into the realm of my bizarre tastes...

UT Fountain, one of my cool places to hang!     Here i am! Note the martini, no vodka here, with a jalapeno olive!

Guess What! I'm a movie star and you can be too!
See my page for: Rowdy Round Up: Night of the Killer Pinatas

go here for all the fun you need...


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siobhan's activism corner:

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Proud Member of the Equality Project

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Size Wise Excellence Award 2/5/98

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