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Legend of Warnings
SV  Sexual Violence    L Lesbian Content          There is no marking for violence by itself. We're talking Xena and sharp objects. Assume violence and you'll be right at least 70% of the time.
GV Graphic Violence AC  Adult Content
JC  Joxer Content ES Explicit Scenes

Time Changes  by Wishes [?]

        AC                      Short Story       Feb 97         19 pgs       Finished
In order to imprision Alcimene and prevent Hercules' birth, Hera imprisions Father Time and disrupts the time line. Thirty years later the unredeemed Xena comes into possession of the slave Gabrielle. Together they learn of Hera's plot and decide to rescue Alcimene and set time aright.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

To Live & Die  by Carly [?]

        AC                      Very Short Story       Apr 98         0 pgs       Chapters 1-5 only
Visiting Perdicus' grave, Gabrielle wonders what it would have been like if she had died in Perdicus' place. The Fates overhear her and give her the chance to find out - for one day. At the end, Gabrielle must decide which of the two of them really does get killed by Callisto.
NetForum: (   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapters 3-4   Chapter 5   )  

To Tell The Truth  by Georgia [?]

            ES  L             Very Short Story       Aug 97         6 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle plans to slip Xena a truth serum but things don't quite work out.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Tomorrows Past  by sHaYcH [?]

GV  SV  AC      L             Short Story       Dec 97         23 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  A descendant of Xena's travels back in time to take the warrior princess' place in history.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   sHaYcH's Playground  

Top Ten Things To Do To Keep Yourself Entertained  by Pink Rabbit Productions [?]

                                List       Oct 97         1 pgs       Finished
What the title says
Pink Rabbit Consortium Xena Page  

Tour (The)  by Katrina [?]

GV      AC  ES  L             Novella       Nov 97         56 pgs       Parts 1 - 35 only
Xena dies and finds out that she managed to redeem herself so that she can spend eternity in the Elysian Fields. Only Gabrielle isn't there...
Katrina's Fan Fiction Site  

Toward The Sunset  by Della Street [?]

            ES  L             Novella       Aug 97         53 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  A feared outlaw comes into town and takes an unexpected liking to the gentle schoolmarm.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Obsession's - XenaRotica  

Trapped!  by Genna (amazon queen) [?]

                     JC         Very Short Story       Mar 98         2 pgs       Finished
Joxer tells a lie and must face the consequences.
Sacred Archives of Ted (The)  

Treaty (The)  by B L Miller [?]

GV          ES  L             Short Story       Nov 97         27 pgs       Finished
When Xena is drugged and kidnapped by renegade Amazons intent on stopping a treaty from being signed, it's up to Gabrielle to save her. (Warning: Argo lovers will both hate and love this)    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Trial (The)  by de Bonheur [?]

                L             Short Story       Oct 97         6 pgs       Finished
Part 8 of the "Long is the Way" series. Xena and Gabrielle return to Athens for the trial of Aeschylus, the famous dramatistand the warrior's former mentor.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
de Bonheur's Xena: Warrior Princess Alt. FanFic Page   LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction   Obsession's - XenaRotica  

Trial of Xena (The)  by Ogami [?]

GV                              Very Short Story       May 98         0 pgs       Finished
Revelations at Xena's trial for attempting to kill Gabrielle resolve some of the nagging questions left to us by the rift. Excellent!
John Baber's Fan Fiction  

Tricked  by RaXenaWP [?]

                                Very Short Story       May 98         2 pgs       Finished
Callisto will stop at nothing to finally get her heart's desire.
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

True Historie  by Lisa Jain Thompson [?]

        AC      L             Screen Play       Feb 97         2 pgs       Finished
The first act of a lost Shakespearian play.
Lisa Jain's Xenerotica    LJ's Xenerotica  

Trust Fund  by Maggie [?]

                                Novella       Oct 97         129 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle helps a friend from the academy to preserve some old scrolls but soon wonders about his motives.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Truth (The)  by Judy (Xena's Protegee) [?]

                                Short Story       Aug 97         17 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle rescues a woman, Adara, and learns that she once was Xena's close friend. Gabrielle now must heal the rift between the two old friends so that Adara can be freed from slavery.
Kiva Sulderus - My Own Xena Fan Fiction  

Truth (The)  by Wishes [?]

                L             Very Short Story       Apr 97         3 pgs       Finished
A silly bit about Xena and Gabrielle's daughters from birth through graduation.
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Truth or Dare  by WordWarior [?]

    SV  AC      L             Novella       Jan 97         69 pgs       Finished
After Xena is blinded in a cave in, Gabrielle takes her to an inn run by a healer. The healer and Gabrielle must find a way to help an increasingly despondent and violent Xena cope with her blindness. Dark    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LJ's Xenerotica   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Obsession's - XenaRotica   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Turnabout  by Pink Rabbit Productions [?]

        AC  ES  L             Short Story       Mar 97         12 pgs       Finished
Xena and Gabrielle play victorious Queen and capive warlord.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Pink Rabbit Consortium Xena Page  

Turning Tables  by Charmer [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Apr 97         15 pgs       Finished
Frustrated by Xena always getting the upper hand, Gabrielle comes up with a plan to turn the tables on the warrior.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page   Obsession's - XenaRotica   XenaNet:Fan Fiction  

Twilight's Children  by S. L. Bowers [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Feb 98         17 pgs       Finished
First part of "The Immortal Scolls" in Katrina's 'Blood Rose' altaverse. Gabrielle in New Orleans meets up with LeStat.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Katrina's Fan Fiction Site  

Twisted Paths  by Scott Carpenter [?]

                     JC         Short Story       Feb 97         14 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle meets Sithus, Xena's former teacher, who instructs Gabrielle in the use of weapons. First in a series that includes "Journey of Friends" and "Changing Times".
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page   Warrior Bards' Scrolls  

Two Hearts, One Whole  by Jamie Boughen [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       May 97         61 pgs       Finished
An angry Gabrielle makes a deal with Ares which transforms her into a warlord. With Aphrodite's help, Xena tries to break Ares's spell and get her gentle bard back.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

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