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Last updated on: Thursday, July 30 1998

Legend of Warnings
SV  Sexual Violence    L Lesbian Content          There is no marking for violence by itself. We're talking Xena and sharp objects. Assume violence and you'll be right at least 70% of the time.
GV Graphic Violence AC  Adult Content
JC  Joxer Content ES Explicit Scenes

Fall of Ares (The)  by sonjablue [?]

GV                              Very Short Story       Nov 97         3 pgs       Finished
Ares tempts Xena to his side after he kills Gabrielle

Falling Up  by Katrina [?]

        AC  ES  L             Novella       May 97         87 pgs       Finished
Fourth in the "Seasons of the Gods" series.
Katrina's Fan Fiction Site  

False Justice  by hobbes [?]

                                Short Story       Apr 97         14 pgs       Finished
Xena is captured by villagers who demand her life for past crimes. Gabrielle must defend her friend.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction  

Familiar Faces  by TheAshen [?]

                                Short Story       Jan 98         11 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  Janice receives word that Mel was captured by the Nazis while on an expedition in Egypt and heads out to rescue her.
Archaeo-Adventures Fan Fiction   XenaNet:Fan Fiction  

Fan (The)  by Katrina [?]

        AC  ES  L             Short Story       Jul 97         10 pgs       Finished
A girl meets someone unexpected at a Xena convention.
Katrina's Fan Fiction Site  

Fan (The)  by Midgit [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Feb 98         13 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle acquires an obsessive fan who wants to keep her with him forever.
XenaNet:Fan Fiction  

Fan Club Welcome  by Barron Chugg [?]

                                Screen Play       Aug 97         2 pgs       Finished
Salmoneous wants to start a Xena fan club.
Barron's Little Fan Fiction Page  

Fan Fiction  by Enginerd [?]

                                Very Short Story       Mar 97         4 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle has agreed to "grade" fan fiction for Xenos' Library and talks Xena into helping.