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Legend of Warnings
SV  Sexual Violence    L Lesbian Content          There is no marking for violence by itself. We're talking Xena and sharp objects. Assume violence and you'll be right at least 70% of the time.
GV Graphic Violence AC  Adult Content
JC  Joxer Content ES Explicit Scenes

Clean Conscience  by Visitor [?]

                                Very Short Story       Oct 96         2 pgs       Finished
Argo goes down in battle and Xena is injured.
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Clever Too  by Wakar [?]

                                Very Short Story       Oct 97         3 pgs       Finished
Takes place after the episode "The Furies". Cyrene's amused watching the way that Gabrielle manages Xena.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Wakar's X:WP Fan Fiction  

Come Back To Me  by Pink Rabbit Productions [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Oct 97         3 pgs       Finished
Xena has trouble coming to terms with the thought that Callisto raped Gabrielle while in Xena's body.
Pink Rabbit Consortium Xena Page  

Comforts  by Trillseekr [?]

            ES  L             Very Short Story       Aug 97         3 pgs       Finished
Xena awakens Gabrielle from a bad dream and the two friends seek comfort in each other's arms.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Obsession's - XenaRotica   Olympus Stories  

Companions  by Della Street [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       May 97         12 pgs       Finished
Xena returns after three-days to find Gabrielle has left the inn she was staying at. The innkeep is forced to confess that she left with her arms around some warrior.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Obsession's - XenaRotica  

Comparing Notes  by Charmer [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Feb 97         9 pgs       Finished
After some heavy drinking (and Xena's absense) Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus get into a discussion of something they all have in common.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page   Obsession's - XenaRotica   XenaNet:Fan Fiction  

Confessions  by Katelin B. [?]

                L             Very Short Story       Dec 97         0 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle confronts Xena about the growing distance between them since her disasterous marriage to Perdicas.
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page  

Constant Craving  by LaLa [?]

                                Very Short Story       Feb 98         0 pgs       Finished
A pregnant Gabrielle craves the strangest things. Warning: graphic descriptions of unnatural food combinations!    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page   LaLa's XWP Episode Reviews  

Contest (The)  by Eimajj [?]

GV                              Short Story       Apr 97         35 pgs       Finished
A mysterious stranger is holding a contest: the prize - 500,000 dinars; the object - kill the Warrior Princess; the outcome - well read the story. Sequel "A Mother's Plea". Good    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Crossed Swords  by Fathom [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Jan 97         15 pgs       Finished
Xena meets an old training partner
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page  

Crossings  by Beowolf [?]

                                Very Short Story       Jan 97         1 pgs       Finished
A touching story of the reunion following Gabrielle's death of old age.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page  

Crown of Laurel (A)  by Silk [?]

GV                   JC         Novella       Oct 97         117 pgs       Finished
With Callisto's help, Caesar captures Xena and Gabrielle, and sends them to Rome, where Xena becomes a gladiator and Gabrielle a slave in Caesar's palace.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Silk's Xena Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Cry Wolf  by Mary Morgan [?]

                                Very Short Story       Mar 98         8 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle must not speak until she finds her warrior in order to lift a curse from her.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Pink Rabbit Consortium Xena Page   XenaNet:Fan Fiction  

Cupid's Gift  by juliaa [?]

                                Very Short Story       Jan 98         5 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle convinces a girl to recognise the gifts that she's been given rather than denying them (and the Gods) in her bitterness.
NetForum: (   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   )  

Cupid's Trick  by Genna Lane [?]

    SV               JC         Very Short Story       Oct 97         4 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle is raped and Xena is killed. Then Gabrielle marries Joxer.
Sacred Archives of Ted (The)  

Cycle of Love  by Tim Wellman [?]

                                Very Short Story       Feb 98         7 pgs       Finished
On Solstice Eve, Xena and Gabrielle stop by a village that is strangely hospitable. When they press the innkeep for information they find that Xena is to give an unusual and priceless gift to a young child.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Warrior Bards' Scrolls  

Cypress Grove (The)  by Scout [?]

                                Short Story       Mar 97         13 pgs       Finished
Xena is ill but won't admit it so Gabrielle feigns an injury to get the warrior to stop and rest.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

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