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L. Fox : Bard's Faith (A) [?]   Beloved Enemy [?]   Blood Ties [?]   Buccaneer Xena [?]   Buccaneer Xena: The Sea-qel   Cage of Elysis (The) [?]   Eternal Warrior [?]   Favor (The) [?]   Haah Noon [?]   It Takes a Thief...and a Couple of Sidekicks [?]   It's An Ill Wind [?]   Janice & Mel: The War Years   Last Reflections of a Heart Most Pure [?]   Lucy and the Moon Men [?]   Spark of Mercy [?]   Three Wishes for Gabrielle [?]   Traitors In Our Midst   Unmentionables (The) [?]   Warrior's Lament (A) [?]   When Xena Came To O-Town   Xena: Warrior Detective   Xena: Warrior Quarterback [?]   Xenaball [?]  
L. Graham : Homecomings [?]   Lucky [?]   Prelude to a Dig [?]   Promises To Keep [?]   Second Time (The) [?]   Sherwood [?]   Sweetest Dreams [?]  
L. Jay Lioncort : Xena and the Vampire Bitch  
L. N. James : Bedtime for Warriors and Bards [?]   Both Hands [?]   Breaking Bread [?]   Chicago 5 AM   Far Away/So Close [?]   Gala (The)   Hints   Magnetic North [?]   Queen [?]   Relinquish [?]   Swan Song [?]   Welcome Home  
Lady Catherine : Blessing In Disguise [?]   Help Wanted [?]   Sanctuary  
Laine R. Lawless : Awakening   Changing Course   Comrades In Arms   Dark Heart   Powerplay [?]   Truth (The)   Xena and the Moon Goddess  
LaLa : Constant Craving [?]   Got Milk?   Puss In Boots  
Lara Zielinsky : Archon (The)   Compelling Association   Crystal Storyteller   Gabrielle's Choice   Golden Moments   History Cast in Amber   Horse Thieves   Underworld Adventures [?]  
Larry Dudock : Death Wish [?]   Toughest Thing (The)  
Lauken : Question (The)  
Laura Pfiel : Untitled   What You See Is What You Get  
Leapr : Heart's Desire [?]   Last Story (The) [?]  
Leetah : Bloodbonds  
Leia : Rescue (The)  
Leviathan : X & G Go To Prison  
lilgabtivist : Heart on Her Sleeve [?]  
Linda Tellez (Saahira) : Ashes Of Cirra (The)   One Dark Night [?]   Smoke On The Water   Solstice Moon  
LiquidSky : Hunt (The) [?]  
Lisa : Journey from the Heart (A)  
Lisa Jain Thompson : Blooded   Caesar in the Moonlight   Callisto   G Spot, A story of Camelot (The) [?]   Gabrielle's Arrows [?]   If You Prick Her ...   In Between (The) [?]   Lagoon (The)   Last First Kiss (The)   Make-Up   Memoir   Monologue [?]   Not The First Time [?]   Obsssesssion   Reckoning (The)   Sex and the Single Warrior [?]   Time Has Cast Its Spell   True Historie [?]   Xena And The Swan   Xena Unbound [?]   Xena's Playhouse  
Lisa S. : Beginnings   Hearts Furies (The) [?]  
Liz Zellner : Artemis' Gifts   Lost Amazon (A)  
Lizzy/Tendre : 25,000 Dinar Pyramid (The)   As the Chakram Twirls   Asunder FF   Asunder OH   Between The Lines of LL's Post   Clvless   Friends Romans Countrymen   Is There A Spin Doctor?   Kill Me, I'm Irish!   LL & ROC's Power Lunch   LL's 10 Non-AOL Questions   LL's Stateside PR Fun Fest   Miss Peloponnesus   ROCk Talk & Lucy's Leno Lovefest   ROCk the Casbah   ROCK-A-Bye, M'Darlin'   ROCky Road   Sphere Of Influence   STAR WARRIORS: The Return of the Jedi Princess   Unconventional Times   Unxipped   World War X   Writers' Block-Heads   X & G at Universal Studios Hollywood   X & G's High School Reunion [?]   X&G@'Evo' Con   Xaria   Xee Cruise - Fantasy Island   Xee Cruise - Love Boat   Xena Bunch (The)   Xena In The Family   Xena Shopping Network (XSN) [?]   Xena's Angels   Xena: Chef Princess   Xesame Xtreet   Ximbledon   Xindergarten   Xindergarten II - The Field Trip   XR - Dr. Warrior Princess   XTV's House Of Style  
Lois Pontes : Joxer, Who?  
Lollius : For Ant of a Nail [?]  
Lord Nelson : Eyes of Athena (The) [?]   Just a Simple Warrior   Smithy's Gifts (The)   Xena, Gabrielle, and the Unisex Bathroom  
Lorenthia : Bard and Xena's Journey (The)  
Lorien Patton (Quest) : Dirty Work [?]   Farmer's Son (The)   Festival of Flowers [?]   Forget Everything   Fortunate Mis-Fortune   Heart Always Knows (The) [?]   Lessons   MisFortune Revisited   Nightshade   Plink [?]   Rock and a Hard Place (A)   Running   Ship Who Remembered (The) [?]   These Things Happen   Unfinished Business [?]   Urgent [?]  
Lostway : Pasts  
Lulu : Kind Joxer (The)  
LynKa : Healing Waters   Inn (The)   Mind's Eye   Power and Passion  
Lynn M. Price : Heart of Darkness   No Greater Love   When In Greece  
Lynne A. Slivovsky : Frying Pans: If Dr. Seuss wrote for X:WP [?]  
Lyssa : Alternatives Of The Heart [?]   Bathing with Xena [?]   Warrior's Honor (A)  

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