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Last Updated: September 30, 2000

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Shadowfen's X:WP FanFic Images

The following images were inspired by Xena:Warrior Princess fan fiction stories and were created using PaintShop Pro v4.0.
Mel in a tuxedo 28kb Inspired by Bat Morda's "Is There a Doctor on the Dig?"
Janice in a tuxedo 26kb Requested for Bat Morda's "The Search For Amphipolis".
Janice with a rose 27kb Requested for Bat Morda's "The Search For Amphipolis".
Ares (the wolf) 19kb For fans of Ares the wolf pup from Missy Good's "At A Distance" and "Home Is Where The Heart Is"
The following image is a map of Ancient New Z...err, Greece which has the locations for Amphipolis, Potidaea, Cirrha, Delphi, and other important places marked on it.
A Map of Ancient Greece 120kb The locations of the cities (and the spelling of their names) comes from "A History of Greece to 322 B.C." by N.G.L. Hammond - ISBN 0-19-873095-0

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