Estate Division of Samuel Cave

This is a transcription of the estate division of Samuel Cave of Fauquier County, VA. A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the document are original.

Fauquier County Will Book 8 page 12

At Fauquier County Court July term 1819
      James Coe, Richard Luckett, Sylvanus Waller, Lewis Waller and Thomas Gibson or any three of them are appointed by the court to divide the estate of Samuel Cave, deceased, and make report thereof to this court.
                                                                       A copy     Teste Dan Withers


Pursuant to an order of the worshipful court of Fauquier county dated July Court 1819. I surveyed the 13th day of July 1819 and divided the land of Samuel Cave, deceasd, between his representatives and the widow Raley, formerly the widow Cave, by direction of the comissioners Sylvanus Waller, Lewis Waller, and Richard Luckett as follows.
Lot No. 1 belonging to John Cave is bounded as follows: ... containing 80 acres
Lot No. 2 belonging to James Cave and sold by him to John Cave, his brother, is bounded as follows: ... containing 40 acres
Lot No. 3 belongs to Nancy Cave and is bounded as follows: ... containing 60 1/4 acres
Lot No. 4 belonging to Lowry Cave is bounded as follows: ... containing 60 1/4 acres.
The widow's dower is bounded as follows, including the mansion house: ... containing 39 acres.
                                                                       Surveyed p Peter Conway, Jr
Persuant to an order of Fauquier County Court bearing date July 1819 to us directed, We the undersigned commissioners therein named met on the premises and proceeded to divide the landed estate of Samuel Cave, deceased, as represented by the within platt, all of which is respectfully reported to the court.
                                                                       Richard Luckett
                                                                       Lewis Waller
                                                                       Silvanus Waller
Fauquier County Court June term 1820 - This division of the real estate of Samuel Cave, deceased, was returned into court and ordered to be recorded.
                                                                       Teste     Dan Withers, clk

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