Will of David Satterwhite

This is a transcription of the will of David Satterwhite of Harris County, GA. A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the document are original.

State of Georgia
Harris County
Book 66 Appraisals

Know all men by these presents that I David Satterwhite of County aforesaid being under affliction but in perfect memory wishes to dispose of my property in the following manner, as my Last will & testament. First I will & bequeath unto my wife Rebecca P. Satterwhite the land and plantation on which I now reside. Secondly I will & bequeath unto her two negroes Chlor & George. Thirdly I will & bequeath unto her all the household furniture also one ox cart & tools such as she may (need?) Likewise I will or bequeath unto David M. Satterwhite the land and plantation where he now lives three years from the present date also John Satterwhite to have the land he has cleared this year or what he may clear hereafter the same term of time all the above bequeathed to my wife Rebekah Satterwhite to be her own during her natural life then after her death to be equally divided among my children. Also I desire Elijah Satterwhite & James Satterwhite to be joint-executors to this my last will & testament, given under my hand and seal, this county, first day of May one thousand eight-hundred & thirty one.

                                                     David Satterwhite

Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of
       N. Hutchinson
       Nicholas Hutchinson
       Green Posey

Harris County

Personally came into open court Nathaniel Hutchinson & Green Posey who being duly sworn deposeth & saith that they saw David Satterwhite in his lifetime sign, seal & deliver the within will to said Nathaniel Hutchinson for the purpose therein contained & that Nicholas Hutchinson subscribed the same as a witness together with these deponents.

Sworn to in open                        N. Hutchinson
Court 13th June 1831                 Green Posey
L.K. Guerry C.C.O.

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