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cypress treeSphinx from Delphi
The Viridarium of Senex Caecilius

Welcome, friend!  Although Genuflex has been working diligently to prepare this special little pleasure garden, his other duties have prevented him from finishing the work. Make yourself as comfortable as possible among the jumble while he brings the Falernian and the delicacies.

You are guest 5791 to visit the viridarium to date.

The Sphinx is from Delphi; I doubt that she will pose any riddles to you. I have one for you though:

Inscribe an M above a line,
Then write an E below.
The flower you seek is hung so fine,
It sways when breezes blow.

For the solution to the riddle, place the cursor here.

I have hired a few Egyptian midi-musicians for your listening enjoyment. You can hear them warm up with a few tunes:

  • a Greek composition (9K)
  • La Poloma (6K)
  • The Nonpareil (19K)
  • Are you looking for witty, irreverent, or humorous verses about the Greco-Roman world? Forget Martial's epigrams, find them in the index to double-dactyls at The Tenth Muse!

    If you find the heat of the day too intense, perhaps you would prefer to return at night to enjoy the quietness, the coolness, and the fireflies...

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