The Domus of Senex Caecilius

The domus is located on the collis Viminalis, one of the seven hills of Rome, not far from the Forum.

SenexPlease excuse the mess.
I am relocating from another site, and some of the furniture has not arrived. In the interim, please look around and make yourself at home. Just knock on the door, and my gatekeeper will admit you immediately.


coinIf I am not at home, any child in the neighborhood knows where to find me. To send me a message in a hurry, just proffer a coin! I would like to know about your visit.

If you are looking for a specific topic and do not have time to browse at leisure, this map of my homesite might prove useful.

What's new at the domus? There have been many alterations and additions to the domus since its construction in 1998. Check out my once and future projects!

Got Latin? If not, here is a glossary that might be helpful to you. It is a short list of words and phrases that you might encounter while touring the premises.

logo The Ludi Seniles are now open ... an unfortunate name for a mental challenge, but there it is. Let the Senile Games begin!

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