The than-bauk is a three-line "climbing rhyme" poem of Burmese origin. Conventionally it is a witty saying or epigram with four syllables per line. The rhyme is on the 4th syllable of the first line, the 3rd syllable of the second line, and the 2nd syllable of the third line.

A Than-Bauk

A Burmese verse,
Short and terse, is
No worse for length.


A Saturnalian Than-Bauk

Their cries of "Io!"
Clearly show that
Slaves know the date!

At Saturn's feast
They have ceased, now
At least, to serve.

The day will end,
Rules unbend, then
Rescind their play.

But never fear,
Come next year, it'll
Appear once more.

Aelia: a Than-Bauk (I)

Her four lone teeth
Once caused grief; now
Beneath concern.

Aelia: a Than-Bauk (II)

Aelia's teeth
Came to grief; got
Relief thereby.

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