Tableau Verse

The tableau is a six-lined verse form invented by Emily Romano in 2008. The poem paints a picture, and its title contains the word "tableau." The poem has five syllables per line, but no set meter, rhyme scheme, or length.

A Tableau Verse

A six-lined verse form
Renders a picture,
A so-called tableau,
With five beats per line,
Sans a set meter,
Or rhyme scheme either.

Classical Tableau Verse

A Saturnalian Tableau

With loud cries of "Io!"
The people of Rome
Welcome Saturnus
And his Golden Age:
Topsy-turvy time
Filled with fun and games.

Aelia: a Tableau

Aelia's four teeth
Were forfeits to coughs,
A fact that Martial
Chose to publicize
And she had to bear
The rest of her days.

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