The Subura is a quarter of Rome that lies to the east of the Forum in the declivity between the Oppian spur of the Esquiline Mount and the Viminal Hill. The origin of the name is as hazy as the exact boundaries of the area, but it is probable that "Subura" was a corruption for the word "Sucusa", which was a district located on the Caelian. At some point it was given to the valley and used as an adjective in regio Suburana. The Subura was the poorest and most densely populated part of Rome. Its people were notoriously polyglot and independent of mind; many Jews lived in the Subura, which in Caesar's time, contained Rome's only synagogue.

Home Sweet Home

Roman Subura, a
Neighborhood known for its
Poor and its grime,
Served as the quarter whose
Panem-et -circenses
Mob of plebeians called
Home at the time.

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