illuminated manuscript
The Scriptorium of Senex Caecilius

Originally applied to a room in a monastery which was set aside for copying, writing, or illuminating manuscripts, the term simply means a writing- room as I am using it. My library is so full of the volumes of others, there is no space for me to scribble my own. Therefore, I have taken one of the small rooms in the domus for recording my family history, the stories of Genuflex and Véronique, an occasional line of verse, and the rare book review.

The item on the left is a decorated page from a Merovingian manuscript of the 8th century.

Senex's story is not complete, but it does have some information on Etruria.

Genuflex's story is not complete, but it does contain some facts about Macedonia.

Véronique's story is not complete, but it does give some data on Provincia.

The poetry page includes forms such as the double-dactyl, haiku, diamante, cinquain, tanka, limerick, sijo, and others.

A review of the book entitled Ancient Rome and India and edited by Rosa Maria Cimino delves into the cultural and commercial links between these two ancient civilizations.

If you want more information about manuscripts or illumination, consider these sources:

  • A selection of images from the Cary Collection at the Rochester Institute of Technology includes 51 medieval manuscript leaves and annotations.
  • An entry in Encarta® OnLine gives basic information about materials and techniques for "illuminated manuscripts" from various regions and time periods.
  • An article in Catholic Encyclopedia details the origin of "illuminated manuscripts" in the Orient and the development of Eastern, Byzantine, and Western miniatures.
  • An article on "palimpsest" from The Electronic Labyrinth contains links to related subjects: illuminated manuscripts, bestiaries, and manuscript circulation.

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