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In an attempt to "russify" my computer, I added a variety of fonts: CyrilloSSK, Moscow, Malij, Stargorod, Bukinist, Kurier, Univers, International Cyrillic, and others. However, there are only a few that will produce the Cyrillic alphabet using the US keyboard: Petersburg and Kursk, for example. The other fonts require different keyboard layouts such as KOI-8, AppleStandard, or Russian.

In trying to teach myself Russian, I've been translating a children's story by Arkadii Gaidar entitled Chuk and Gek. A fellow in Australia was kind enough to send me his translation of the story, so I have been able to compare it with mine. While I was able to understand the majority of the passages correctly, there were several places where I was mistaken. Despite the errors, it was a good learning experience!

Russian text

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