The rondelet is a brief French verse form that consists of seven lines containing two rhymes and a refrain. The refrain contains four syllables; the other lines, eight. The rhyme scheme is AbAabbA, where the capital letter indicates the refrain.

The Rondelet

A rondelet
Consists of seven lines in all.
A rondelet
Contains two rhymes within the set.
There's one refrain, and it is small.
This septet verse is what we call
A rondelet.

Classical Rondelets

A Saturnalian Rondelet

Saturn's feast days
Come once a year and last a week.
Saturn's feast days
Offer a welcome time to laze.
If merriment is what you seek,
Then folderol will reach a peak:
Saturn's feast days.

Aelia: a Rondelet

Aelia's teeth,
Martial said, were four in number.
Aelia's teeth
Have a story that lies beneath.
Coughing fits relieved her cumber;
They no longer plague her slumber...
Aelia's teeth!

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