Rannaicheacht Ghairid

The rannaicheacht ghairid, pronounced "RON-a-yach CHAR-rid" is an Irish quatrain. The first line contains three syllables, and the remaining lines contain seven each. The rhyme scheme is aaba, and a cross-rhyme exists between the third and fourth lines.

A Rannaicheacht Ghairid

Irish verse...
Compact form and rather terse;
Lines should rhyme aaba,
Plus one midway... Could be worse!

Classical Rannaicheacht Ghairids

A Sweet Buzz

Buzzing bee
Leaves its sweetest legacy,
Not in honey, but in mead,
With speed, gives a buzz to me.

Aelia: a Rannaicheacht Ghairid

Cause for grief...
Aelia lost her four teeth.
If memory serves, "She coughed,"
Martial scoffed, "and found relief."

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