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Frances Cornelia Burns (1869-1960) and James Theodore DeGraffenried (1848-1923)

Frances Cornelia Burns James Theodore DeGraffenried

DeGraff group

front row left to right: Ona Harris (wife of Bud), Viola Engle (wife of Ernest), Keno Wynia (wife of Leo), Mary Salster (wife of Noble)
second row Virginia Gaston Cave Robison holding Roger Lee Robison, Lula Hanna DeGraffenried Cave, Frances Cornelia Burns DeGraffenried, Eudora Estelle DeGraffenried Shipley, Dorthea Shipley Robinson holding Fran [Shipley], Mrs. Lewis holding one of the Ford triplets, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lewis DeGraffenried (wife of Byron, deceased) Ford holding two more of her triplets
third row Howard Monroe (Bud) DeGraffenried, Noble Theodore DeGraffenried, Ernest Allen DeGraffenried, Lee Cruce (Leo) DeGraffenried, Oren Lucius DeGraffenried, Hugh Shipley
back row Byron Ennis (Junior) DeGraffenried, Jr., Eileen Dempsey (wife of Junior), Ramona DeGraffenried [Stotts], Mary Frances Shipley [Way], Mary Virginia DeGraffenried [Prichard], James Bobbie Cave.
The photograph was taken in 1943 in Oklahoma City, OK. (Byron Lucius DeGraffenried, the only son not pictured, died in 1934.)

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