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I love stereograms like this one, but it takes me forever to get my eyes to see the 3-D images. What do you see here? Just keep staring at the image and let your eyes focus slightly "behind" the surface. Gradually an image will emerge from the background. You can place the cursor here for the answer, but give it a try first!

3-D manatee

Every webpage probably has a list of favorite links; this one in no different. You have already encountered a few of mine: double-dactyls, Roman detective novels, the on-line game SPQR, and such.

Being a chocoholic, I found the homepage of Godiva Chocolatier to be of particular interest. The receipe for Mimosa truffles has my mouth watering with the very thought. I'll take theobromine over caffeine every time!

If you want more information about stereograms, check out the website of the company that popularized them: Magic Eye, Inc.

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