Juno, called Hera by the Greeks, was worshipped at Rome as the queen of heaven, or the female Jupiter. As protector of the female sex, she was supposed to accompany every woman throughout life. Women in childbirth involked Juno, surnamed Lucina, to help them. The great festival in honor of Juno was called the Matronalia and took place on the 1st of March. According to Lesley Adkins and Roy A. Adkins in their Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome, "Prayers were offered to Juno and her son Mars, husbands gave their wives presents and female slaves were feasted by their mistresses." Could our modern Mother's Day be the descendant of the ancient

Festival of Juno Lucina

At Matronalia
Romans paid homage to
Juno and Mars;
Nowadays, though, it's the
Whom we all honor with
Mother's Day cards.

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