Mars was an ancient Roman god whom the Romans identified with the Greek Ares. Next to Jupiter, Mars enjoyed the highest honors in Rome. He appears under three different aspects: Gradivus, Silvanus, and Quirinus. According to William Smith in The Wordsworth Classical Dictionary: "He was worshipped at Rome as the god of war.... But being the father of the Romans, Mars was also the protector of the most honourable pursuit, i.e. agriculture; and under the name of Silvanus, he was worshipped as the guardian of cattle. Mars was also identified with Quirinus, who was the deity watching over the Roman citizens in their civic capacity as Quirites." A month of celebrations, including processions of the sacred shields of Mars, a horse-racing festival, and the purification of the sacred war trumpets, began on the

First of March

Kalendae Martiae,
First of the month that was
Named after Mars,
Marked the beginning of
Honoring god of both
Farming and wars.

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