The limerick is a nonsensical or humorous poem of five anapestic lines, usually with the rhyme scheme aabba. The content is often ribald, or bawdy.


Anapestic Trimeter

  The verse form we know as a limerick
  Has features that render it very slick.
  The suspense doesn't last
  For the cadence is fast
  And may end with a pun word like bishopric.


Classical Limericks

You Go, Gaius!            

A general named Julius Caesar,
Uniquely born over-achiever,
Has conquered all Gaul,
Holds Rome in his thrall,
Veni, Vidi's renowned eager beaver.

Batting a Thousand            

Notorious Caesar, switch-hitter,
Detractors have gossiped, a-twitter,
Could bat either hand,
And did on command,
But likely they're jealous ... or bitter.

Tribute to Titus            

There once was a Jew named Josephus
Whose books tell a history grievous.
Jerusalem's sacked;
The spoils are all packed;
And an archway in Rome's built to greet us.

Rumor Has It            

The story of king Nicomedes
And Caesar, repeated by meanies,
Reported Suetonius,
In terms acrimonious,
What they did, and to whom, with their penes.

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