A Letter From Andrew Dorsey Lowry

A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the letter are original.

Des Ark, Ark March 12, 1861

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I have been waiting a long time to get an answer from you, but have got none yet. I would be very glad to hear from you. I have nothing strange to write. I have not been well for 6 weeks, but keep going the most of the time. I cannot get to rest long enough to get stout. The rest are all well. Times are hard here. Money is scarce. Provisions are plenty. Corn is from 75 cts to $1 per bushel, Bulk pork 9 cts , Flour from 5 to $7 per bag. Groceries moderate. It is a hard time to collect, but I can collect more money here than we did there. I am gaining practice all the time. There has not been very much sickness this Winter but I have some practice all the time. Not bragging nor nothing so, but the People generally say that I am the best doctor in Arkansas. That is those I have done practice for. It is not me, but the practice, for I cannot feel like any body but Andy. I can't get clear of it. I am still satisfied here. It would take a large Boot to get me to move back to Ala, I think this a good country. I think you had better come out this Spring and see us and look at our country. It will not cost you much, and you can come in three days from Decatur provided you make the connection at Memphis. If you will come let me know and I will give you the time off so you will not have to lay over. I have not received a copy yet from you yet. I would be glad you would send it to me. Write on the reception of this. Come and see us and we will go fishing. We have lots of fish & big ones. Still the same.

A. D. Lowry

I do not know yet whether our state have Seceded or not. The convention have been in Session ten days, and yesterday was the day for a decision.

A. D. L.

These are not all the doctors in Des Arc. There are 5 or 6 more.

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