A Letter From Andrew Dorsey Lowry

A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the letter are original.

Ark, Prairie County, March 11th 1860

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Again I drop you a few lines which leaves us all well. I have no strange news to write you yet. I have been looking for a letter from you but have not received one yet, neither have I received a paper yet from Guntersville, but I still look with great anxiety. The health of this country is very good at this time. There has been but little sickness since we have been here, but I have done a little practice. I do not know of but twelve cases that has been any where near me and I have 11 of them. There are 8 doctors at Desarc in 6 miles of me but I think I will share with them. The people I think are all able to pay there bills. Nearly all own negroes, but it is not near so thick settled here as there. I think I shall be tolerable well satisfied here, but that is yet to try. I send you A Bill the Medicine that I bought in Memphis. I have got some in Desarc but I have some higher hear also I bought a few books. The American Dispensatory By John King $6 Beeches Practice $3, Beeches Midwifery $6 very good books I intend to get more as soon as I can Perhaps you would like to know something of the prices of things here. Lands are from 6 to $10 per Acre and Rising Corn $1 per bushel Flour $8 per bag. bacon 68 cts per lb VC we get 1 lb of coffee to the dollar sugar 10 salt $1.00 per sack all other things in grocery line about the same in proportion almost impossible to hire work done, but few lofers here We have got only three days work done and been trying to hire all the time. I hope you will write soon for I have not got a letter from no one yet. I have got my shop up and a stable, and will soon have my house done O yes I forgot to tell you, just come over and eat venison with me for I killed a nice one last evening and I expect to kill more before the Buffalo gnats leave for the gnats re getting very bad here and we have to keep our horses greased and a smoke for the cattle. the people build smokes in the woods and hide themselves and the deer comes to it so that is the way I come to kill one and shall try it again. Miss Waddill sends her respects to you all. Please give my respects to my friends there if I have got any. Write immediately and I will write again.

A. D. Lowry

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