A Letter From Mrs. C. R. Johnson

A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the letter are original.

Dear Sister Carter
Your letter bringing us the sad, sad news of poor Jim's death came to hand in due time, but we had not heard one word of it until we got your letter. I would have written sooner, but I have had company most of the time. We were all sorry to hear of his death.
[missing line]
... like he was related to us. Oh how we will miss him and Brother Bradley when we go to Corinth now. I always inquired for Jim at the Depot, and expected to see Brother B. on the streets. It is so sad to give up one so young and promising as he was. But such a comfort that he was not afraid to die. Ora and myself often talk over the trip him and his mother made to Iuka and how much fun they would have with Jim at the springs. But alas sweet Cornelia, and Fannie and Sister Bradley and poor Jim has all crossed over the river. They were all there together that summer and enjoyed it so much, and Brother Bradley is with them waiting for us, and if we are only faithful we can live with them again. Mr. J. health is better than it has been. Bettie has not returned from her bridal tour. Don't know when she will be back. She writes she is having a fine time. She has married a good, safe man, one that will do everything to make her happy.

He has bought a beautiful home here in Holly Grove and will furnish it while they are gone. Tell Brother Carter that a few days before I got your letter, Mr. J. says to me: Wife, I can't keep Bro. Carter out of my mind. I have been thinking of him and that family for days. I told him I expected you and him was probably thinking of him. I wish I could see you and him today and have a good long talk. I believe it would do me good as I am all alone, and sweet Mary is with you yet. Sorry Fannie is going to the country, so sorry to hear of another misfortune with her children. Love to them all. We will be certain to stop to see you all when we pass Corinth. We count you and yours among our best friends.

Your devoted
C. R. Johnson
Holly Grove, Ark
March 29, 1894

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