A Letter From Elizabeth Jane Bradley

The letter is not completely transcribed. A few of the names are lacking, but the majority of the content is intact. I have made a few changes in spelling and capitalization and added punctuation to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax are original.

                                                                            Corinth Miss   July the 3 1860

Oh my dear sister, I set myself down to try to write you a few lines, but sister, it is with an aching heart. A trial that I have never had to undergo before, it is the loss of my dear sweet little Willey. We have just come from the graveyard a burying of him. Oh, you never saw anyone suffer more than he did. He died yesterday evening at three o'clock. He has never seen a well moment since you was here until the breathe went out of him, but never got very bad until three weeks ago. We had Dr. Martin with him. He could do him no good. Death struck him on Sunday night about dark and never died until Monday evening at three. He had mighty hard spasm when dying. Oh, Sarah, you don't know what a hard trial it is for me to bear to give up my dear sweet child, but it is gone and gone to rest from all of the troubles of this world. Oh, I am so lonesome this evening. I do wish I was close to you today. I did wish for you and Doc so bad in Willey's sickness, though I don't think that anybody could do him any good. The doctor said that at the last he had inflammation of the brains. The neighbors was all mighty good to me. Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Whitmore stayed with me to the last. Mrs. Whitmore made the clothes and dress him. He had fell away so much that he did not favor himself much. Oh, Sarah, you said for me to be certain and send you his little likeness, but he is gone, and I never got it taken. There has been no artist in town since you was here. Father and his folks all left here a while ago but Frances and George[Ana]. Frances is not well, and George[Ana] has the whooping cough mighty bad. Sally and Bud is well, all with the exception of the loss of their sweet little brother. Levi Rodgers lost his oldest child last week, and Mincy's two little boys is mighty sick. Sarah, I received your letter last Sunday was a week ago, and I hated to write to you how sick little Willey was. He is well now. His little sweet soul is in heaven now, and I am dete[rmined] to try to meet him there, and I want you to do so, too. I want you as soon as you get this letter to go out to see Lexis' mother and let her know it. We will write to her in a few days, and write to us often. You know that we will be so lost now without our little babe. I had weaned it three weeks ago. I thought maybe it would help him, and the sweet little lamb was no trouble to wean hardly. Give Dock my love and uncle Tatum and all of them. Lexis sends his love to you all. Sally and Bud wants me to write some for they. I will do so the next letter. You must excuse this bad wrote letter and composed letter, and I will do better the next time. No more. [I] remain your only sister on earth until death.                                                                                                E. J. Bradley
                                                                                               E. H. Bradley
and Lize is staying with me at this time and sends her love to you both. I am a going to send you a piece of his dear little hair and some little scraps of his clothes in this letter.

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