A Letter From Samuel Robison Jr

A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the letter are original.

March 5, 1837, Washington County, GA

[John G. Robison, TX]


Nancy moved from here three years ago to Stewart [County] and since then to Alabama, carried with her all her children but her two youngest boys, which I will speak of hereafter. Since then her eldest son and daughter has married, Martha to a gentleman by the name of Picket in Stewart County. I have seen him and given to them a little negro girl. I hope he will make her a comfortable husband. Thomas came in here this winter and married a widow Howard. She was the daughter of Norflett Howard, and her mother was the sister of Joel William's wife. She married a son of old Sam Howard. He lived but a few weeks after, left no child. Thomas is in the neighborhood at this time settling or inquiring into the business of her first husband. Perhaps he may get 5 or 6 hundred dollars. I have also given him a negro girl. (Now those negro girls last spoken of are the children of Lear, which I have held for their children.)

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