At the River Styx

While you wait for Charon to row you across the river, let's clarify a few things. You are here because ... well, you know why. You really should have been paying more attention during the Lemuria in May when the lemures, or ghosts, of departed household members were haunting the domus. It's not enough to remember only the benevolent spirits of the dead (manes), you know. If you rose at midnight, made the mano fico sign, and walked barefoot through the house casting nine black beans over your shoulder, then you have nothing to fear from what awaits you on the other side: Hades and The Furies.

You do have a coin for Charon, don't you? He's here ...







The cover is removed from the ritual pit in Rome called the mundus on August 24, October 5, and November 8
so that the spirits of the underworld can roam abroad.
They're b-a-a-ck!