The Ianua of Senex Caecilius

The door that opens onto the street is called a iānua, and the person who keeps watch at it is called a iānitor. Each month the decoration changes with the season, so plan to visit often!

GenuflexMeet Genuflex, the Macedonian servant who guards the entry to this home. He is very good at remembering names and faces, so when the need arises, he also serves as my nōmenclātor.

Aside from the main door, there is a servants' entrance, the postīcum, positioned at the side of the house. It is used by slaves, servants, humble visitors or sometimes even by the master of the house when he seeks to leave unnoticed by the prying eyes of onlookers in the main street.

Caveat salūtātor : If you should arrive one day and find the door locked, Senex may not have anticipated the amount of traffic to his domus, and unexpected visitors may be turned away until the kalends of the coming month.

Since the opening of my domus, you are visitor 12780.

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