Pictures from Herculaneum

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This view shows a small part of the large palaestra, or sports field.

• The palaestra in Herculaneum occupies a whole insula, or city block of land.
• The open-air space is surrounded on three sides by Corinthian pillars.
• The fourth side has a cryptoporticus with a gallery where spectators sat.
• Facing the entrance to the palaestra is a large apsidal hall with a colonnade and marble floor.

This view shows the Deer House, a patrician home.

• It is named for two statues found in the garden: deer being pursued by hunting dogs.
• The house is divided into two sections: a residential area around the atrium and an area for guests.
• The guest area consists of a garden and a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.

This shows another view of the Deer House from a different perspective.

• The garden is surrounded by a columned portico.
• The western part of the garden has a large reception hall into which two smaller halls open.
• A pergola with a roof supported by four pillars is adjoined by a resting room on each side.
• The pergola and rooms open onto a parapeted terrace with a magnificent view of the sea.

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