The Glossarium of Senex Caecilius

No, this is not another room in my domus!

For visitors who may not have any Latin, I thought that a glossary of frequently used terms might be helpful. These are words and phrases that a person might encounter when touring the premises or wandering about in Rome. I hope that you will find this list of vocabulary to be helpful.

ager land, field, or farm
apodytērium dressing room at the baths
casa hut, cottage, or cabin
cūrā ut valeās "take care and farewell"
domus house, home, household, or dwelling
ēcastor! (mēcastor!) exclamation or oath: "By Castor!", common among women
edepol! exclamation or oath: "By Pollux!, indeed!, truly!"
genius guardian spirit of a man that enabled him to beget children
exclamation: "hurrah!, oh!, or ho!"
Iūno (Juno) guardian spirit of a woman equivalent to the genius of a man
Lār (pl. Lares) protective spirit of a household, perhaps a farmland god introduced into the home
lūdus (pl. lūdī) game, sport, or pastime; school
manō fīcō fertility charm made with the thumb between the middle of the closed fingers
multās grātiās agō "thank you" or "many thanks"
Penātes (pl.) protective spirits of the household pantry
pontifex maximus head of the college of priests
salvē "be in good health", or "be well"
tālī (sing. tālus) game similar to jacks played with the knucklebones of a sheep
valē "good-bye, adieu, or farewell"
via highway, road, or street
vicus quarter, district, or street
villa rustica country house, estate, or farm
viridārium ornamental garden, or pleasure garden
vīta ōtiōsa peaceful, quiet, or carefree life

Some of the preceding information comes from Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome, written by Lesley Adkins and Roy A. Adkins and published in1994 by The Oxford University Press (New York).

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