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This page was updated September 24, 2017.

To facilitate visitors who do not have time to explore my site at leisure, here is a map of this genealogy site to help in locating an item of interest in a hurry.

The pages are arranged in a hierarchy of five levels: top (boldface), second (•), third (*), fourth (°), and fifth (=). Each top level page is linked to every top level page. Any second, third, fourth, or fifth level page is linked to its source page, but not necessarily with others.

Genealogy page: introduction to the site, links to data archives for families, a menu for features of the site, and a link to the index page
  • Map of genealogy site <
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  • Overview of family: diagram of Roger Lee Robison's family tree (5 generations)
  • Maternal branches: diagram to show the distaff (female) side: Cave and DeGraffenried
  • Paternal branches: diagram to show the spear (male) side: Cravey and Robison
  • Photos gallery: photographs of individuals and family groups
     * Burns gallery:
Frances Cornelia Burns DeGraffenried
         ° Burns 2: Genio Burns Wilson
         ° Burns 3: Byron Burns
         ° Burns 4:
     * Cave gallery: Sarah Ellen Cave, Elizabeth Jane Cave
         ° Cave 2: Sarah Missouri Wiley Cave, James McClellen Cave, Artie Mishie Cave
         ° Cave 3: Cave siblings
         ° Cave 4: Artie Mishie Cave Law's family
         ° Cave 5: Gladys Cave Beauchamp's family
         ° Cave 6: James Lankston Cave's family
         ° Cave 7: Lula Hannah DeGraffenried Cave, James Gaston Cave; Cave siblings
         ° CAVE#8:
     * Collins gallery: Jemima Emeline Butts Collins Ake
         ° Collins 2: Arthur Collins, Viola Collins Durst, John Collins, Nina Collins Shipman, George Ake, Ernest Ake
         ° Collins 3: Clara Cravey Robison Collins and Arthur Elmo Collins
         ° Collins 4: Eunice Collins O'Neal, Faye Collins Gordon, Clara Collins Cave, Howard Robison
         ° COLLINS 5:
     * Cravey gallery: Clara Cravey, Pearl Maggie Cravey, Martha Cravey Davis, Minnie Lee Davis
         ° CRAVEY#2:
         ° CRAVEY#3
         ° CRAVEY#4:
     * DeGraffenried gallery: Frances Cornelia Burns, James Theodore DeGraffenried, DeGraffenried family group
         ° DEGRAFF#2:
         ° DEGRAFF#3
     * Robison gallery: Sarah Jane Stapleton Wier Robison birthday
         ° Robison 2: Chester Lee Robison, Clara Cravey Robison and Howard Lee Robison
         ° ROBISON#3
     * Reunion gallery: group photographs from various family reunions
         ° Parks-Robison (1999)
         ° Cravey (1999)
         ° Cravey-Smith (2000)
         ° Cave-Collins (2000)
         ° REUNION#5
  • Records archives: data on the individuals for each generation
     * Burley records: 2 generations; John Frederick Burley [Abbeville County, SC]
     * Burns records: 3 generations; Andrew Jackson Burns [Webster Parish, LA]
     * Butts records: 9 generations; William Butts [Prince George's County, MD]
     * Carpenter records: 2 generations; John S. Carpenter [AR]
     * Cave records: 9 generations; Thomas Cave Sr [Prince George's County, MD]
     * Collins records: 3 generations; Isaac Newton Collins [Taylor County, TX]
     * Cravey records: 7 generations; Owen Cravey [Northampton County, NC]
     * DeGraffenried records: 6 generations; Baker DeGraffenried [Lunenburg County, VA]
     * Farmer records: 3 generations; Samuel Farmer [VA]
     * Holland (I) records: 3 generations; Jacob Holland [MD]
     * Holland (II) records: 2 generations; Nelson Holland [NC]
     * Joiner records: 4 generations; William Joiner [Fairfield County, SC]
     * Lowrey records: 3 generations; Edmond Lowrey [Franklin County, GA]
     * Petty records: 3 generations; George Petty [Bute (Warren) County, NC]
     * Robison records: 8 generations; Samuel Robison Sr [Washington County, GA]
     * Sears records: 1 generation; Frances Sears [Habersham County, GA]
     * Short records: 3 generations
     * Smith records: 2 generations
     * Wiley records: 4 generations; William Wiley [NC]
     * Other records: surnames other than those in the main lines of descent
         ° Ake / ° Bradley / ° Callaway / ° Carter / ° Cowan / ° Daugherty / ° Davenport
         ° Davis / ° Evans / ° Fort / ° Gardner / ° Garrett / ° Kuykendall / ° Lewter
         ° Lowry / ° Macrae / ° Mincy / ° Mock / ° Oden / ° Seitz / ° Smallwood
         ° Tippet / ° Stapleton / ° Wier / ° Wilson
  • References resources: menu of the sources used to compile this genealogy
     * Letters: transcriptions of letters and links to correspondence on other sites
         ° James Cave: to his daughter Sarah Ellen Cave Carter (1860)
         ° Elizabeth Jane Cave Bradley: to her sister Sarah Ellen Cave Carter (1858)
         ° Elizabeth Jane Cave Bradley: to her sister Sarah Ellen Cave Carter (1859)
         ° Elizabeth Jane Cave Bradley: to her sister Sarah Ellen Cave Carter (1860)
         ° Andrew Dorsey Lowrey: to various family members (1860-1863)
         ° Basil Lowrey: to various family members (1866-1877)
         ° Mrs. C. R. Johnson: to her friend Sarah Ellen Cave Carter (1894)
     * Books: annotated list of personal holdings and bibliographic information of others
     * Documents: list of scanned legal documents or their transcriptions
         ° Marriage Records: marriage bonds, licenses, and returns
             = bond of Samuel Cave and Elizabeth Lowry
             = bond of James Cave and Margaret Carter
         ° Death Records: death certificates and obituaries
         ° Divorce Decrees: petitions and settlements of divorce cases
             = divorce agreement of Lewellen Robison and Johnnie Petty
         ° Oaths of Allegiance: Civil War oaths of allegiance to the United States
             = oath of allegiance of Sarah E. Carter
             = oath of allegiance of Thomas Cave Sr and Thomas Cave Jr
         ° Wills and Estates: transcriptions of wills, inventories, and estate divisions
             = estate inventory of Francis Oden in Charles County, MD (1725)
             = estate inventory of Thomas Cave in Charles County, MD (1730)
                 || second inventory
                 || account
             = will of Elizabeth Cave Oden in Charles County, MD (1749)
             = will of Thomas Cave Sr in Prince George's County, MD (1787)
             = will of Moses Cockrell in Fairfield County, SC (1788)
             = will of Samuel Cave in Prince George's County, MD (1794)
                 || codicil (1800)
                 || codicil (1801)
             = will of Thomas Cave Jr in Fauquier County, VA (1797)
             = will of John Adam Rollings in Shenandoah County, VA (1816)
             = estate division of Samuel Cave in Fauquier County, VA (1820)
             = will of Samuel Robison Sr in Jefferson County, FL (1826)
             = will of David Satterwhite in Warren County, VA (1831)
             = will of Sarah Cave Rollings in Warren County, VA (1837)
             = will of Temple Carpenter in Copiah County, MS (1839)
             = will of James McFarland in Rockbridge County, VA (1849)
             = will of Jane Cave McFarland in Rockbridge County, VA (1850)
             = estate inventory of James Cave in Tishomingo (now Alcorn) County, MS (1863)
         ° Minutes: transcriptions of court minutes and deeds
             = deeds of John Cave in Charles County, MD (1713)
             = deed of Richard Brightwell in Prince George's County, MD (1785)
             = deed of Samuel Cave in Fauquier County, VA (1804)
             = deed of John Cave in Fauquier County, VA (1823)
             = deed of Cave siblings in Fauquier County, VA (1825)
             = indenture of James Cave in Stafford County, VA (1838)
             = indenture of James Cave in DeKalb County, AL (1848)
             = indenture of Andrew W. Carter in DeKalb County, AL (1850)
         ° Military Records: muster rolls and service records
     * People: list of researchers and their e-mail addresses
     * Links: list of related websites and their clickable links
     * Cemetery: photos of grave markers in a virtual cemetery
     * Miscellany: list of miscellaneous items related to the Robison family history
         ° family Bible of Neill Robison
         ° newspaper article about the death of Kinchen D. Lewter
         ° newspaper advertisement by James Cave
  • Timelines: chronologies of family migrations
     * Cave family:
     * Robison family:

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