You Are There IV
This challenge contains 10 map-matching items.
Identify the geographical location of each of the following historical events by clicking the appropriate site on the map. Place the cursor on a site to see the name.
Mediterranean map
You are there when...

31. Eurybiades wins a naval battle against Persian forces led by Xerxes.
32. Romans turn the sanctuary of the Celtic goddess Sulis into a spa.
33. Menes (Narmer) founds a new capital for the unified Two Lands.
34. Augustus directs troops in Hispania from a new provincial capital.
35. Crassus pacifies the settlement of the Bituriges Vivisci, a Celtic tribe.
36. Caesar settles veterans in the first Roman colony outside of Italy.
37. Romulus kills his twin brother Remus in a dispute over city walls.
38. Constantine III establishes his court as the emperor of the West.
39. Lucius Mummius levels the city that heads the Achaian League.
40. Phidias installs a chryselephantine statue of Athena in her temple.

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