You Are There II
This challenge contains 10 map-matching items.
Identify the geographical location of each of the following historical events by clicking the appropriate site on the map. Place the cursor on a site to see the name.
Mediterranean map
You are there when...

11. Attila destroys a Roman stronghold against the barbarians.
12. Gnaeus Pompey loses his head at the hands of Lucius Septimius.
13. Chaerephon consults an oracle of Apollo about his friend Socrates.
14. Pliny the Elder meets an untimely death.
15. Archimedes is killed by a Roman soldier following a siege.
16. Mark Antony removes a 400,000-volume library to give to Cleopatra.
17. Milo joins other notable Romans in exile despite a defense by Cicero.
18. Achilles meets a fate most befitting a heel.
19. Boudicca revolts and a major Roman colony is sacked.
20. Marcus Aurelius, unlike his son Commodus, dies of natural causes.

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