Ultra Squares VIII
This challenge contains 5 interlocked word square items.
Complete the puzzle by filling in the blanks in the grid so that the words appear in the same order both horizontally and vertically. There may be more than one solution to the puzzle.

Clues appear below the puzzle in sets of five, keyed by color, but in no particular order in each set.
One letter in each set has been provided to get you started.


  • blue : lanterns; unkempt; basic chemical units; hymn; bristlelike stalks
  • yellow : delicacy; Buddhist scripture; grave; transpire; brag
  • orange : senior; candida; adios; brace; pips
  • green : meager; kayak; negative particle; crannies; uneasy
  • red : vigilant; sucrose; taunts; advantageous; relaxes
  • When you have a solution and want to verify it, click [CHECK].

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