Safe Cracker X
This challenge contains 14 true-false items to answer about the Vatican.

For each false statement, click on the corresponding letter on the digital display.
A new number will be revealed that will open the safe if you answer correctly.

  • A: The Vatican's name may derive from an Etruscan loan-word for "soothsayer."
  • B: Vaticanus was an Etruscan god of prophecy, and his temple was on the hill.
  • C: The Vatican was included in the city by walls built by the emperor Aurelian.
  • D: The ager Vaticanus lay at the foot of the hill, north of the Janiculum.
  • E: The medieval popes acquired the whole hill through extensive gifts and bribes.
  • F: The Vatican was mostly clay, and its hilltop was a pestilent, soggy marsh.
  • G: A deep pit on the back side of the hill was reputedly an entrance to Hades.
  • H: A temple of Cybele, the Phrygian Earth Mother, was located on the Vatican.
  • I: The hill once belonged to the Julians, who got rich making bricks from its clay.
  • J: The Vatican is located between the Janiculum and the Monte Testaccio.
  • K: A road from the Vatican entered the city by way of the pons Sublicius.
  • L: The circus of Nero on the ager Vaticanus was actually begun by Caligula.
  • M: A necropolis was located on the ager Vaticanus along the via Triumphalis.
  • N: The horti Agrippinae at the base of the hill belonged to Agrippina the Elder.

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