Safe Cracker VIII
This challenge contains 14 true-false items to answer about the Janiculum.

For each false statement, click on the corresponding letter on the digital display.
A new number will be revealed that will open the safe if you answer correctly.

  • A: The ancients explained the name of the hill as meaning "the city of Janus."
  • B: The hill is located west of the Tiber River and outside the Servian wall.
  • C: The Janiculum was always one of the traditional seven hills of Rome.
  • D: The Janiculum was the center for an early cult of the god Janus.
  • E: Ancus Marcius fortified the hill as a defensive outpost of Rome.
  • F: An aqueduct built by Trajan powered a series of gristmills on the hill.
  • G: The Aurelian wall was extended up the hill to include the water mills.
  • H: The Gauls besieged the city in AD 537 by cutting off the water supply.
  • I: Natural and artificial valleys divide the ridge of the hill into three parts.
  • J: The highest point of the ridge, in its larger sense, is the Mons Vaticanus.
  • K: A temple to the Syrian deity Juppiter Heliopolitanus was erected on the hill.
  • L: Caius Gracchus died voluntarily on the hill in the sacred grove of Furrina.
  • M: The Janiculum was once believed to be the site where St. Peter was crucified.
  • N: It was not until the 17th century that the Janiculum was inclosed by walls.

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