Safe Cracker VI
This challenge contains 14 true-false items to answer about the Caelian.

For each false statement, click on the corresponding letter on the digital display.
A new number will be revealed that will open the safe if you answer correctly.

  • A: According to a tradition, the Caelian received its name from Caelius Vibenna.
  • B: It was first called mons Querquetulanus from oak groves that covered it.
  • C: The Caelian is the most south-westerly of the traditional seven hills of Rome.
  • D: The Caelian is an irregular tongue of land that ends in two promontories.
  • E: The height of the Caelian varies considerably between 45 to 54 meters.
  • F: The eastern promontory of the Caelian was known as the Sucusa.
  • G: The hill had two high points called Caelius major and Caelius minor.
  • H: The Caelian was about two kilometers long and connected to a plateau.
  • I: The Caelian was densely populated during the days of the Republic.
  • J: The entire population of Veii was once forcibly resettled on the Caelian.
  • K: The house in which Julius Caesar grew up was located on the Caelian.
  • L: After a fire in AD 27, the Caelian became a fashionable residential area.
  • M: Caracalla built the largest bath complex known until then on the Caelian.
  • N: A temple and an aqueduct on the Caelian bore the name of Claudius.

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