Safe Cracker II
This challenge contains 14 true-false items to answer about the Capitoline.

For each false statement, click on the corresponding letter on the digital display.
A new number will be revealed that will open the safe if you answer correctly.

  • A: The name Capitoline comes from a human skull found there by workmen.
  • B: The official name of the hill was Arx et Capitolium after its two summits.
  • C: Tradition says that the northern elevation belonged to the Sabines.
  • D: The Asylum was located in a depression between the two elevations.
  • E: The hill was surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides.
  • F: The Capitoline was the smallest of the seven hills of Rome.
  • G: The cliffs at the southwest corner of the hill formed the Tarpeian rock.
  • H: At the northeast corner was a grassy space where augurs took the omens.
  • I: The temple of Juno Moneta was built in 344 BC by Titus Tatius.
  • J: By senate decree, no patrician could live on the Capitoline after 384 BC.
  • K: A muti-storied records office was built on the southeastern slope of the hill.
  • L: The principal approach to the hill from the forum was called the Via Sacra.
  • M: Caesar's assassins later locked themselves in the temple of Juno Moneta.
  • N: Juno's geese thwarted the Gauls' attempt to take the Capitoline in 390 BC.

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