Safe Cracker I
This challenge contains 14 true-false items to answer about the Palatine.

For each false statement, click on the corresponding letter on the digital display.
A new number will be revealed that will open the safe if you answer correctly.

  • A: The word "palace" comes from the Roman name for the hill: Palātium.
  • B: The hill connected to the Esquiline by a narrow ridge called the Velabrum.
  • C: The hill had two distinct summits: the Arx and the Ceramulus.
  • D: The Palatine was the most central of the seven hills of Rome.
  • E: The hill was roughly quadrilateral in shape and 25 acres in area.
  • F: Romulus's hut was situated on the northeast side of the hill.
  • G: Evander's citadel was situated on the northeast side of the hill.
  • H: Tradition places the earliest settlement of Rome on the Palatine.
  • I: The nucleus of ancient Rome was likely the eastern part of the Palatine.
  • J: Evidence of houses on the Palatine dates from the 8th century BC.
  • K: Numa established the Curia Saliorum on the Palatine to worship Quirinus.
  • L: Private residences dominated the hill during the republican period.
  • M: Nero built part of the domus Aurea over the ruins of republican houses.
  • N: The house of Livia was left standing up to the end of the classical period.

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