Saturnalia Word Search
This challenge contains a word search puzzle of 20 terms.
There are 20 terms related to the Saturnalia in this puzzle. The words may be written vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, but they will always read from left to right or top to bottom, never backward. The terms may cross one another, but the letters are used only once. Definitions are provided below to help you search. See how many you can find!


word search puzzle

1. common greeting during the Saturnalia (Latin for "hurrah")
2. month in which the Saturnalia was celebrated
3. soft , close-fitting felt cap worn during the Saturnalia
4. long, loose tunic, often brightly colored, worn at dinner parties
5. number of days the Saturnalia lasted (Roman numerals)
6. form of public entertainment legal only during the Saturnalia
7. game played with the knucklebones of sheep (Latin name)
8. word for "friend" in Latin
9. form of Roman welcome (Latin for "be in good health")
10. another form of Roman greeting (Latin for "hail")
11. form of Roman farewell (Latin for "good-bye")
12. ring of greenery hung on the door or worn on the head
13. traditional gift given to adults during the Saturnalia
14. another traditional gift exchanged during the Saturnalia
15. bee product used to make cerei
16. banquet meal
17. gifts sent to clients or friends (Latin for "presents")
18. gifts given to dinner guests (Latin for "[Saturnalia] gifts")
19. word for "peace" in Latin
20. festival held December 17-23 to honor Saturn

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