The names of various flowers are associated with different Greek and Roman myths. Are you able to match them correctly? This link to Floral Myths and Meanings may help if you get stuck or want to check your answers. This alternate link is to Flowers in Greek Mythology.

 1. anemone
 2. aster
 3. crocus
 4. hyacinth
 5. iris
 6. lily
 7. narcissus
 8. orchid
 9. peony
10. rose
11. sunflower
12. violet

a. Juno spills some milk
b. Clytie pines for Apollo
c. Zephyrus vents his jealousy on a youth
d. Hermes accidentally kills a friend
e. Attis loses his manhood
f. Chloris pities a lifeless nymph
g. Adonis goes on a fatal boar hunt
h. Astraea sheds her heavenly tears
i. A youth falls in love with his reflection
j. A goddess delivers messages via the rainbow
k. A son of a satyr and nymph attempts rape
l. A student escapes the wrath of Aesclepius

If you are curious about the names of other flowers, this link to Flower Facts is a useful reference with pull-down menus of flowers from A to Z.

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