A Newspaper Ad by James Cave

This advertisement appeared in two Fredericksburg, Virginia, newspapers: Political Arena (March 20, 1832) on page 3 column 2 and Virginia Herald (March 17, 1832) on page 3 column 4.

Fish! Fish! Fish!

The subscriber has rented a large FISHING ESTABLISHMENT, on the Maryland shore, and has made an arrangement with six others, to land fish at the Steam-Boat Landing (Bell-Plain) on the Potomac Creek, consequently, no disappointment or detention can exist; and will supply those who may think proper to encourage him with fish, on as good terms as they can be purchased anywhere. The subscriber has every convenience necessary -- large quantity of hogs heads and salt. Salt will be furnished as low to customers as it can be purchased on the Potomac. -- Distance from Frederickburg or Falmouth, eight miles, and a good road. Persons getting out of horse food can be supplied on the spot on good terms. -- Fishing season will commence on the 20th of this month and end on the 10th May.
                                                                                           JAMES CAVE
Stafford, March 20
N. B. -- Arrangements have been made at the Falmouth Bridge for a wagon and team, going to the above shore, to cross for 25 cents.

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