The Equirria was a festival of horse-racing in honor of Mars. It was held in the Campus Martius at Rome, or if the Tiber River flooded it, on the Caelian Hill. One festival was held on February 27; the other, on March 14.

According to Lesley Adkins and Roy A. Adkins in their Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome: "Chariot racing was the oldest and most popular entertainment in the Roman world, dating back to at least the monarchy and in legend to the founding of Rome itself .... Chariot racing was very expensive and was run for profit as a highly organized business. There were four racing factions in Rome, the blues, greens, whites and reds, which were the colors worn by the charioteers. Successful charioteers became rich and famous, and portrayals of them in sculpture, mosaic, and molded glassware have survived, sometimes with their names. There was great rivalry among the factions, sometimes leading to violence among their supporters, but the greens and blues were usually the favorites."

Wreckless Abandon

Bring on the chariots;
Cheer for the green team, the
Red, white, or blue;
Bet on a driver whose
Daring delivers a
Thrill and cash, too.

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