Englyn Lleddbroest

The englyn lleddbroest [en-glyn thleth-broyst] is a Welsh verse form. It consists of four-line stanzas containing seven syllables in each line. All lines must rhyme using diphthongs in half-rhymes, i.e., their final consonants agree. Thus, the rhyme scheme is AAAA BBBB, and so on. There are no rules about assonance, consonance, or cross rhymes, but Celtic verse usually includes them.

Englyn Lleddbroest

Bards confront this form and quail.
Writing lines that will entail
Making rhymes that cannot fail
Does not cease till end of trail.

Choosing diphthongs causes pain;
Rhyming them becomes a strain.
On the brain, it's quite a drain.
Who would try this type again?

Classical Englynions

Aelia: An Englyn Lleddbroest

Aelia's teeth came to naught;
With coughing fits she was fraught.
In Martial's verse we are taught
That satire's prey soon get caught.

Joy Ploy

When a cougar's being coy,
With her wiles in full deploy,
Will the man become a boy,
Soon discarded like some toy?

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