On March 30, 2001, the on-line community of history buffs known as AncientSites ceased to exist. A small group of individuals who were originally drawn to a game called S.P.Q.R. began an on-going discourse at a bulletin board that came to be called The Rostra. It was a unique experience that will not likely be achieved again. I offered this funereal oration at the passing of AncientSites.

Hail and Farewell

Rory and Eden, the
Founders of AncientSites,
Did a good thing;
Now it is over, but
Cives are moving, so
Please, goddess, sing!

Sing of the game we loved,
S P Q R by name;
Sing of the Rostra whence
We took our name;
Tell of our citizens
Seeking adventure and
Finding the same.

Ring down the curtain on
This incarnation of
Rome and its grandeur if
Ring down you must;
Shades of our forefathers
Rise to the challenge: a
New Rome or bust!