A Divorce Settlement of Lewellen Robison

This is a transcription of a divorce settlement between Johnnie Petty Robison (plaintiff) and Lewellen Robison (defendant) filed May 23, 1881, in the District Court of Guadalupe County, Seguin, TX. She charged physical and verbal abuse, which he denied in response.

Robison                District
   vs                       Court
Robison          Guadalupe County

      In this case the defendant withdraws his answer, and it is agreed that if a divorce is decreed that the defendant retain custody and control of the two oldest children, to wit Lee Davis Robinson, Lewellen Robinson, remain with the defendant and the youngest, to wit Leona Lewis Robinson and Charles Robinson, remain with the plaintiff until such time as by law they are of the age to allow them to choose their own guardian. The property in Seguin claimed by the defendant is to be decreed to her, and she renounces all claim to any portion of defendant's property situated elsewhere. The defendant has permission to see the younger children at the house of some friend in the neighborhood of their mother. The plaintiff also shall have a right to see the two oldest children at the same friend's house. The plaintiff is to pay all costs.

May 23, 1881      witnesses T. S. McGuffrie       Lewellen Robison

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