This is a transcription of the obituary for Henry Marion Smith that appeared in the San Antonio Express, June 1885, in San Antonio, Bexar County, TX.

Another Veteran Goes To Rest

The news was received yesterday of the sudden death of Henry M. Smith, age 70 years, which occurred at his ranch in Kendall County. The deceased was formerly City Marshall of this city. He was born in Pennsylvania and emigrated to Texas in 1836, a year memorable for the campaign which resulted in the freedom of Texas. He was a soldier in the Army of the Texas Republic, afterwards engaged in several skirmishes with the Indians, notably among which was Byrd's fight on Little River. He was married to Mrs. Nickolson, a daughter of Asahel Savery, a hero of the war of 1812, and at the time of his death the Express published a brief biographical sketch of him. Many sympathizing friends expressed their sorrow at the death of Mr. Smith, who was a gallant soldier, a good man and a worthy citizen.

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