Cyrch A Chwta

The cyrch a chwta (pronounced "keerk-a-SHOO-tah") is a Welsh verse form. It consists of 8-line stanzas that have seven syllables per line. The rhyme scheme is AAAAAABA, and there is a cross-rhyme with B early in line 8.

Cyrch A Chwta

Here's a cyrch a chwta verse
Vying for eisteddfod purse.
Though in Welsh he can't converse,
Senex hopes that he can nurse
One more line and then coerce
Rhymes to end a form that's worse
Than those dactyls seem to be...
So, you see, he's not averse.

Classical Cyrch A Chwta


Celebrating Lugh's songfest
Comes a foreign, Roman guest
Hoping that a prize he'll wrest;
Knowing that his very best
May not soar above the rest,
Yet he ventures in the quest...
Celtic bards may win the day,
But still he'll say, "Lugh be blessed!"

Aelia: a Cyrch A Chwta

Aelia's story in brief
Involves a coughing motif.
Two hacking fits figured chief
In giving teeth some relief.
One cough took two like a thief;
Two more was Martial's belief.
Heeding his sarcastic scoff,
To cough at will she's now lief.

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