The Roman emperor Commodus (161-192) was the son of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina the Younger. His father was one of the good emperors; he was one of the bad ones. His twin brother died at age 4. His wife Bruttia Crispina was suspected of an affair and exiled to Caprae, where she was later executed. His sister Lucilla attempted to have him murdered and was subsequently executed. His mistress Marcia succeeded where others had failed. The initial plan was for Marcia to poison him, but Commodus only fell sick with nausea. Plan B went into effect, and the ailing Commodus was strangled later that night while he bathed. It was New Year's eve. Narcissus, a gladiator employed as Commodus' wrestling partner, overpowered and killed him. Commodus was a very estranged man!

Unworthy Son

Son of Aurelius,
Commodus died on a
Far New Year's eve;
Poisoned, then strangled, he
Got his comeuppance and
Then took his leave.

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